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One Month Gone


I’ve been in Thailand for a month and one day, and I’ve got to say–where are all the cheeseburgers and lawsuits?

One month feels more like two or three. I started out in Bangkok, went way down to Krabi, boated over to Koh Phangan, started my orientation in Lopburi, took a trip to Hua Hin, came back through Bangkok, and finally came back to Lopburi. I’m living and teaching here for the next four months, and my apartment is starting to feel comfortable. I’m one week into teaching. There have been many high and low points along the way, almost like there are in real life.

So far, I’ve taught about 17 hours of class, been scammed into buying a tailored shirt by a tuk-tuk driver, met dozens of travelers in hostels, trekked across Bangkok for a day to pick up a shirt I had tailored (it’s actually the nicest shirt I own now and it was cheap, but still a scam), watched an organized muay thai fight between two six-year-olds, waded alone in knee-deep water down a beach for over a mile to catch a boat while packs of feral dogs chased me along the shore, spent more than three separate nights sleeping on public transportation, taken seven photos for a monk on his camera and given it back at his behest, been nibbled and pooped on by two monkeys (really), scaled two stories of a budget hotel to recover a fallen room key, eaten thousands of grains of rice, and had my hair cut.

There are so many more details than a single post can do justice, so I’ll be revisiting the early era of the trip as I go. For the time being, I’m going to focus more on the start of my job and the teaching environment.



  1. nanruesch's Gravatar nanruesch
    November 18, 2014    

    love the monkeys

  2. bob owen's Gravatar bob owen
    December 5, 2014    

    I love the photo of you and your monkey friends. why don’t you try to bring one home to tracy, she always wanted a thai monkey.
    Your blog is wonderful and very funny.


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