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Monthly archives for December, 2014

Learnin’ the Chitlins

Learnin’ the Chitlins
  Kids are pretty weird. So, luckily, I’ve been able to get along with them okay. If I can get the little rascals’ attention for close to 60 % of a lesson, they can grasp what I’m doing, and they are mine. Adapting to the spicy food and the exotic food (“exotic,” being generously euphemistic in this case) f [...]

Sports Day and My Santa Claus Fantasy

So… This Happened…   So there I was, dressed in a rapidly disintegrating felt Santa costume with an old Arsenal jersey underneath to stick to the color theme, leading a few hundred students in red around a busy traffic roundabout for the Sports Day Parade, accompanied by some school faculty dressed as American cowboys. This i [...]