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Monthly archives for January, 2015

Another Brick in the Wall

What a classroom looks like after I teach
  I lean back a little further in the chair, halfheartedly moving my face and head further from the pool of drool gathering in my student’s mouth, in case it finally drips out. There’s got to be a quarter-cup of drool on those lips. I’m surprised I don’t see little bugs hydroplaning across them, frantically recal [...]

Weekend Excursions, “Impossible...

Weekend Excursions, “Impossible” Connections, Sentimental Drivel
It took me a long damn time to find this trail head, but I’d been waiting so long to find a good hiking trail that I was willing to put in some effort. When I got here, I had swiped the last available seat on any train from Lopburi to Chiang Mai, taken said train for 13 hours, taken a taxi to my hostel, wandered the streets between 4 a [...]